More info & feedback

If you have practical questions on how to implement the Project BBCG framework for your brand or corporate identity colors, check with your printer or prepress house! Show then the tutorial, the example and the ASE file and ask them for help. They have (or should have) the expertise to help you out. And they will love to do that! Creating a Better Brand Color Guide together will improve your relationship.

Please note that Project BBCG has no commercial, nor any financial backing. Everything the contributors have done, is completely voluntary. Because we believe Project BBCG can improve brand color guides, can improve the reproduction in print of brand colors. Being volunteers without any backing, also means we can’t address every question. Please keep that in mind.

In case you have feedback, please fill in the form below, or leave a comment on this post at Also if you would like to volunteer to translate the tutorial in your native language! We can’t pay you for that, but you will be mentioned as translator and earn eternal fame and gratitude.



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